Sunday, November 1, 2009

More new photo's / Halloween

We didn't take the girls trick or treating, but Madison helped me hand out candy in her ballerina pajamas complete with pink tutu. ( No I don't have a photo of her doing that sorry) These photo's are from earlier in the day in their Halloween play clothes and Katie in her Zebra costume. Madison did not know what to think about all of this but enjoyed the kids alot.
I haven't posted lately but to update on Katie all her medical test are in, she is in great health. Her lead was a little high but not bad at all and one of the lowest of our travel group. Since my last post another baby had to be hospitalized for lead. All the others seem to have high lead like we do but not high enough for hospitalization. Better go for now, just time for some quick photo's and a short update.

new pictures

I will try to fix these later, the lap top is slow today and took forever to load these few. I am going to post a few additional photo's momentarily if I can.
I had to include Katie in her diaper so you can see how she is filling out! She is in size 6 months now and can no longer wear the three months stuff.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweetest girls in the world!!

Just had to post this one photo I thought turned out so cute!! More to come later. As you can imagine we are sooo busy around here these days. Good news, so far the lab work we are getting back on Katie is great, she is in good health!! We are still waiting on the results for the lead test but hope it will be OK. So far two babies from the travel group have had high lead levels, one had to be hospitalized. Keep your finger crossed for us that Katie's levels will be OK. Better go for now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad

While we where gone to China one worry we didn't have was who was taking care of Madison! Mom and Dad came and stayed for the duration keeping her busy and happy and in her routine.
They even introduced her to finger painting and helped Madison make us a poster to come home to. From what I understand Madison really enjoyed it!!
We have had alot of help in the last 18 months since Madison came to us weighing 4 lbs, Darci, Erica and Sue have all helped us on numerous occasions. Mom and Dad though, they have come to Texas so many times I have lost count. Sometimes just to visit but several times at our request and even on short notice. Thanks Mom and Dad!!! We love you guys and will never be able to thank you enough!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

In about 20 minutes it will be exactly a week since we landed at the airport. We are sooo glad to be home. These pictures posted in the reverse order of how they happened but you get the idea. These are from the first moments Madison and Katie met. Madison was not at all sure what to make of this baby sitting in the floor with her toys. She spent the next few days politely taking toys away from Katie who for the most part didn't mind. Occasionally she would hold on tight to something and Madison would let her keep it.
Madison immediately wanted to give her hugs and kisses and generally likes her. She was not crasy about mom holding her in the beginning but doesn't mind so much now. Just tonight at dinner Madison tried her best to give her sippy cup to Katie who reached for it. They where sitting side by side in the high chairs, so sweet. I would have posted sooner but Katie go up Sunday morning with a high fever and we couldn't get it down. We spent 8 hours at Texas Childrens on Monday while they ran a number of test. Because we had just arrived in county and we have so little medical history for her they where pretty concerned. Her fever finally gave in yesterday and she is feeling so much better. We are hoping she will sleep better now also, we have had a few long nights. As for the medical test, everything pointed to a virus as all the test came back good.
Let me just say again we are soooo glad to be home. We had a special welcome when we arrived at the airport as some very good friends met us complete with signs and balloons! And Fred, if you reading this, thanks so much for bring our car and getting us home! We where exhausted!!
Thats all for tonight, its past my bedtime already!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last post from China

Roger and Regina are without internet access, so I am posting for them.

They are in Hong Kong and are doing fine. Just settling in for their last night in China. They will be boarding the plane for their return trip home at 9:30 CST tonight!

Best wishes to the Hawkins family for a safe trip home.